My Photography Journey

I started taking photographs in about 1994 and did a series of City and Guilds modules in the UK. I then decided to do a portfolio for the Royal Photographic Society's Licentiateship with a series of close up flower photos. I gained the qualification.
Since then, things have been a little up and down with photography taking a back seat for many years, but fortunately this has been re-ignited recently. A few things sparked this: a decision to take one photo every day for a 365 project and a photo cruise safari in Botswana. 

My son starting showing an interest in photography when he got an iPhone that enabled him to take photos. This was ignited when we did a Photo Cruise Safari in Botswana in December 2012 with a Nikon SLR and a massive 750mm lens. On this safari, he and I took some awesome photos.
In 2014 I started a 365 photography project, which was a huge undertaking but very rewarding. I did another in 2015 and am continuing into a 3rd year in 2016 .   
The images on this blog are intentionally not of a quality that can be used for printing purposes. All images are subject to copyright. If you wish to buy a print and other apparel, please visit my Shop . I aslo have a slection of images for sale on ViewBug  and stock images on  Shutterstock
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